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Susan Bassett founded SueBass Recordings in 2006 to provide services for those in need of small project recordings and short-run CD duplication in the Pioneer Valley, Western MA area.

Professional quality, multitrack audio editing software and unidirectional dynamic microphones are used in a relaxed setting to produce the high quality recordings you need for your work and home projects. Children in the classroom love making these recordings.

A disc publisher is used to duplicate and/or print up to 200 discs. I use only the highest quality media and print directly on the disc.

Call SueBass Recordings to

  • Produce instructional/educational recordings for your business or class
  • Make your own affirmation recordings
  • Have your favorite audio clips edited
  • Convert a cherished tape to Compact Disc
  • Compile a recording and make duplicate discs
  • Record simple vocal or musical pieces


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(Audio files duplicated may contain materials protected by Trademarks and/or Copyrights. Please be sure to have the right to duplicate the material.)


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