Susan Bassett, Musician • Recording Artist • Teacher


"Greenfield woman shares her love with children, adults." — The Recorder, August 2006

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For Susan's CD Maitri:

"I felt like I was listening to a friend talking about the search for love and clarity with a voice clean of confusion and a tone that resonates integrity. In a culture that shatters family and home in the hopes of making us all hungry shopping ghosts it was a pleasure to hear in your songs that you still had both."

— Ferron

"This is a CD of depth, and Susan's work in her own studio (recording, mixing, producing) is quite impressive. She has a smoky quality to her voice that was miked to bring out the "right" timbres - we producers notice these things - and, icing on the cake, I could understand all the lyrics. I'd certainly recommend this for a listen. There's something in there for you."

— June Millington


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